What is a portfolio?

The CSU IMAGE Project's web kiosk holds tens of thousands of images for you to search, explore, or download for your own (non-profit) purposes. For your convenience, the portfolio feature of the kiosk allows you to create collections of your various images. You simply find the images in the database, and add them to portfolios you name and manage. After you have created a portfolio or portfolios, you have certain management options such as rearranging their order inside your portfolio, removing images or entire portfolios, and sharing your portfolios with the public internet community - meaning virtual visitors can view the collections you have made.

Great potential

If you are a professor who uses digital images for your lectures, you could use portfolios to manage your images; a portfolio for each lecture, or presentation, and then if your classroom had an internet connection you would simply log on and there's your presentation! For students, portfolios can help organize images being collected for presentations, term papers, or as sources of inspiration for fine art students. If you use the kiosk for any reason, portfolios can help you manage your images.

Tutorial Aims

This tutorial will lay out all the steps to create your own portfolios, add images to them, and show you the options for managing them. It is half user guide, and half step-by-step instruction. This tutorial will take you less than twenty minutes to complete, and when you're through you will have a thorough knowledge of portfolios.

Basic Steps

If you have never created a portfolio before, below is a basic outline:
1) Locate the desired image.
2) Add it to the portfolio, which you create as you add your first image.
3) Add more images, and create more portfolios as you desire.

The first section provides the step-by-step procedure to add the first image to your portfolio. Let's go!

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