Step 5: Locate an image.

Using any method with which you are familiar (searching, browsing, etc.), locate an image you want to create a portfolio with.

Step 6: Navigate to the "image & label" view mode.

Step 6 graphic
>> Change the view mode of the record to "image & label", as shown above.

Step 7: Click the "Add to Portfolio" link.

The "Add to Portfolio" link can be found next to the image, and is also found in other view modes. However, for the purposes of simplicity and to create the first portfolio, click the link in the "image & label" mode. Step 7 Graphic
  >> Close-up of "Add to Portfolio" link.

Step 8: Select "Create New" or similar from the drop-down menu.

When you click the "Add to Portfolio" button, a pop-up window will appear. From this window, click the "Select Portfolio" drop-down menu and select "Create New" or similar command. Step 8 graphic
>> The "Add to Portfolio" pop-up window. Select "Create New" or similar.

Step 9: Enter a name for the new Portfolio and click "OK"

Step 9 Graphic a
>> The New Portfolio dialog box. Enter a name and click "OK".

If the previous 8 steps have been followed closely, you should have a screen similar to the one shown below, indicating that the image record has been added to the portfolio you just created.

Step 9 Graphic b
>> A screen similar to this will be displayed if a new portfolio has successfully been created and the image added.

This is essentially the entire process.

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