Image-AXS Pro

ImageAXSPro is a personal image database and presentation system that allows you to import both images and text. You may search your ImageAXS Pro database and organize the images into portfolios.

The ImageAXS programs have been graciously made available by Gallery Systems, the makers of the Embark Kiosk. You are free to use them for non-commercial educational purposes. The program includes extensive help files; however no support is available from us or from the company, nor are there any guarantees.

There are versions of ImageAXS Pro for both PC and for Mac. The Mac version works with systems 8 and 9 as well as with OS X in the Classic Mode. It does not, however, work with OS X without the Classic Mode. Please be aware that these files take a long time to download.


ImageAXS Pro for Windows (29 MB) Installation guide for Windows (coming soon)
ImageAXS Pro for Mac (20 MB) Install Instructions for Mac