Step 3: Locate your image from the search results

The number of images (records) displayed in your results is affected by
how restrictive your search is; you may have one or five records, or 5,000!
If you see the desired image right away, click on the image itself to see the
full-view. If you did a general search and you do not see your image right
away, click on the pull-down menu and search or scroll through the records
until you find your image.

>> navigating the search page.

Step 4: View the full-size image

The kiosk offers you a number of ways to look at the records and sort
information. Whether you clicked on the image, or the text, or selected a
record from the pull-down menu, you need to navigate to the 'full view',
because that is where you will get the image and record information from.

No matter what view mode you are in, you can easily get to the 'full view'
mode by clicking the image.

Below is an example of the 'full view' page. If your browser looks like this, you are ready to move on.