Notes on managing your slides

As you create more and more slides, you will notice a convenient list
of them forming in the left side of the window. This is an excellent way
to keep track of and manage your slides, and it provides very detailed
information. Slides can also be re-arranged using the 'drag-and-drop' method.

>> the PowerPoint presentation window
on the left side is the list of slides, on the right side is the individual slide being viewed

The slide carousel analogy is very prevalent here - slides are being
added one by one to the digital 'carousel', and can be arranged much
in the same way that real slides are lifted out of the carousel and
dropped into a new slot. Only here you have control over placing text,
adding two more more images on the same slide (for comparison), and you
don't have to return the 'carousel' to the slide library when you are finished!

When you have finsihed building your presentation, proceed to step 7.