IMAGE Project Training Webcast

Be sure you have REALPLAYER installed on your computer. To get Real player go to the following site:

SJSU Academic Technology

This page has links for MAC and PC users that will lead you through the necessary set-up to view the webcast and it will take you to the Real Player website. For the free version click the small grey button in the upper right that says Free RealOne player, download and install it on your computer. Once installed, the page cited above gives you directions for configuring Internet Explorer to view the conference.

NOTE: Use INTERNET EXPLORER as your browser.


1. Click on the icon for RealPlayer
2. Click on the following URL:

3. The video will start to load and you will see the San Jose State logo. The program will start automatically.
4. The top of the window shows a bar, which indicates whether the program is playing, and the time that has elapsed since it began. Below the picture are controls that allow you to control the sound and to fast-forward to segments that you wish to see.

SCHEDULE and Times for the First Section:

INTRODUCTION by Lou Zweier, Director of the California State University Center for Distributed Learning and Kathleen Cohen, Director of the IMAGE Project. 3:30 (3 minutes 30 seconds)
WORLDIMAGES(formerly WORLDART) WEB KIOSK by Kathleen Cohen 12:30 (12 minutes 30 seconds)
VISUAL RESOURCES LIBRARY San Jose State University: Stacy Mueller Visual Resources Curator 1:05:00 (1 hours 5 minutes)
EMBARK DATABASE: Kathleen Cohen, IMAGE director; Robb Detlefs, Project Manager for Embark, Gallery Systems; Andrea Creswell, CSU IMAGE Curator 1:35:00 (1 hour 37 minutes)


Follow steps 1-4 above and click on the following URL:

SCHEDULE and Times for the Second Section:

INTRODUCTION to Cataloging Segment 2:45 (2 minutes 45 seconds)
IMPORTANCE OF STANDARDS in Cataloging. Mary Woodley, Northridge Library 3:00 (3 minutes)
CATALOGING RESOURCES Andrea Creswell and Stacy Mueller 12:15 (12 minutes 15 seconds)